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Hardware Tools

WDC’s 65xx microprocessor developer boards are reference designs for your Embedded System Development or System-on-Chip (SoC) Development for either the GDSII or Verilog RTL core usage. We provide a zip download of our board schematics, mechanical drawings, and Mentor PADS library for our standard IC parts. WDC Design Kit. These kits may be downloaded and used to jump start a design that uses features of the 65xx technology.

Hardware Development Tools from WDC
WDC offers several development boards for both their IC and IP platforms. For the lastest information and documentation, please refer to the following pages.

Design Kit with Schematics and Mechanical Drawings for WDC Boards. Includes WDC PCB Library for Mentor PADS

SXB Boards based on WDC IC Devices

MENSCH Microcomputer with W65C265S

MyMENSCH Microcomputer VASIC Platform


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